Sweet Nothing

Credit: Director, Teaser Editor |

My brother Keith and I are developing our first feature film, THE SKYLARK. While finishing the screenplay, we thought it would be fun to create a companion piece that tells a bit of back story. THE SKYLARK is about a young indie musician who struggles to rediscover his artistic voice after losing his older brother/bandmate in a tragic accident. This short film, SWEET NOTHING, which takes place 20 years earlier, is about that same older brother discovering his love of music and buying his first record. The film is intended to feel like an extended flashback.

SWEET NOTHING was shot entirely on a Canon 5d Mark ii digital SLR with Nikon lenses by Director of Photography, Alan Poon, and edited by Damian Ziemkowski. The film was a finalist for November’s Film of the Month on Shooting People and premiered at theĀ 18th Curtas Villa do Conde International Film Festival in 2010.

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