Starter | #represent

Credit: Live Action Co-Director, Producer

“#represent” is a print and commercial campaign for the relaunch of Starter’s classic satin NFL jackets. My partner, Alan Poon, and I were hired by Nathan Love and Spike DDB to direct the live action portion of these photo/video shoots, which involved building a puppet rig, 2 puppeteers, a green screen, and a Red Epic.

Scroll down to see samples of the print/billboard campaign and some behind-the-scenes stills.

Starter FINAL2_8.22.13 Starter FINAL1Starter FINAL3Starter FINAL4

The rigThe rig, built by Serra Hirsch of Puppet Junction Productions

1234366_10153146893430072_1709005796_nOur puppeteers, Serra Hirsch and Bill Hubner, stretching between takes

Starter_TimesSquare Giants vs. Cowboys in Times Square

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