Logitech [+] Mounts

Credit: Creative Producer, Writer, Editor |

A global brand video showcasing the latest round of car mount accessories from Logitech.

Brand Manager: Storm Tussey
Produced by: Folkloric (Alan Poon, Blake Hamilton)
Director/DP: Alan Poon
Editor: Blake Hamilton
Motion Graphics/VFX: Pat Lau
Colourist: Andrew Exworth, Redlab
Music Licensing: David Hayman, Supersonic Creative
Music: “Bone Dry” by A B & THE SEA

Toronto Crew
Production Manager: Katie Nolan
Art Director: Rachel McParland
Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Marissa Schwartz
Camera Assistant: Taylor Iannarilli
Equipment Supply: William F. White
Casting: Jessica Martins, Hero Artists

London Crew
Line Producer: Daniel-Konrad Cooper
Camera Assistant/PA: Ben Ransley
Equipment Supply: ProCam, Extreme Facilities

San Francisco Crew
Production Manager: Jeff Kramer
Art Director: Josh Frager
Camera Assistant/PA: Tutu Lee

Grip: Andy Haney 

Equipment Supply: Little Giant

Jena Gogo, Jay Mitchell, Eric Duquette (Blue Sky Miners)
Bryan Thompson (Young Husband)
Cina Luks (Young Wife)
Stefano Braschi (Photographer)

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